28. Backgrounds

Directions: Create a background image for your website that represents who you are.

  1. Utilize Paint to create an image that represents who you are.
  2. Save the image as background.gif to the images folder.
  3. Make a copy and resize the image to a width of 200 pixels.
  4. Research css background commands. Try to use Google to research how to do this.
  5. http://www.w3schools.com/ is a great resource if you have trouble.
  6. Eventually you will add background-image:url('background.gif'); to the head of your stylesheet

Updated code that goes on the stylesheet.css

BODY {MARGIN: 20px 0px 20px 0px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000; background-image:url('images/background.gif'); FONT-FAMILY:
Arial, sans-serif}
A {TEXT-DECORATION: none; COLOR: #666666}
A:hover {TEXT-DECORATION: underline; COLOR: #ff0000}
A:active {COLOR: #ff0000}

TABLE {BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; FONT-FAMILY: Arial, sans-serif}