Media, Technology, and Innovative Leadership

Students in Media Technology develop basic technology skills, learn to become innovative thinkers and learners, challenge themselves with advanced projects, and learn to become productive team members and team leaders.

The theme 'It's not about the technology, but what you do with the technology' runs throughout the entire program. Students start by developing desktop computer skills and building a web-based student portfolio. Students then work on advanced units that explore advanced web design, computer science, programming, mobile technologies, and video production. Advanced students then begin working on leadership skills by applying their knowledge in areas such as the Flight Academy, the Minecraft Colonization Project, student news broadcasting, community service projects, marketing projects, innovative problem solving activities such as robotics, and career-based projects such as the high school and beyond plan.

Media Technology accommodates students of all ability levels who are willing to work hard, challenge themselves, and learn to work productively as a team. The curriculum in this program is based on ISTE's national standards for technology. Students also develop typing skills and discuss online safety concerns and innovative ideas.

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